Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Farmer found not guilty!

Don't be surprised if you knew nothing about this, the British police and media like to keep these incidents under wraps. Of course, in these enlightened days of multi format communications, it is becoming harder to do so.

As usual the police on the ground did their best, but the hierarchy let its political leanings show. Over 15 hours to attend, then multiple officers, armed response officers, and a helicopter; all out looking for who knows what, 15 hours later; apparently it was hostages.

The injured criminal, who allegedly has a string of convictions for burglary, assault, and weapons charges, was questioned but not even arrested, let alone prosecuted. Whilst the wronged farmer was arrested and prosecuted, but was thankfully found not guilty in 24 minutes by a jury. Now all the farmer has to do is pay the in excess of £30,000.00 court fees, and try to get his shotgun back.

The story carried by the Yorkshire post, link HERE There is also a crowd funding page, in an effort to help with the costs incurred, link HERE should you feel so inclined to help.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Time IS running out!

This has just arrived from our contact at a local rifle club, and this is something that we have been addressing at every possible opportunity. Without shooters of all disciplines taking an active roll in the consultation, many, many smaller clubs will go to the wall, either through reduced membership, you can't have club with less than 10 full members, or, their inability to raise enough revenue.

So please click HERE for the latest news, contact information, and a short video from Firearms UK explaining the problems that smaller clubs will encounter.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

UPDATED: Further issues with new medical system for firearms licensing

The following has been received from our good friends at the Counrtyside Alliance. If you are in the process of applying or renewing your certificate/s, it may help to read it!
A lot has changed since our last blog on the new medical system for firearms licensing, posted back in June. As such we want to update our members, especially those in the process of being granted or renewing a firearm or shotgun licence.
Since July the British Medical Association (BMA) has updated their guidelines on firearms licensing, stating that all medical forms sent to GPs by the police regarding the health of a firearm certificate applicant should be returned unanswered. The resulting situation is similar to that which existed pre-April, with no initial check of medical records and no continuous monitoring, both of which the BMA agreed to as part of the Medical Evidence Working Group (MEWG).
The Countryside Alliance believes this new medical system will improve firearms licensing and safety, potentially providing further justification for a future move to 10 year licences. Unfortunately the BMA’s u-turn has effectively signalled to GPs that they do not have to act in the best interests of the licence applicant, and rather than simply return the police letters unanswered many GPs are in fact attempting to charge their patients for completing initial check. This is happening despite the fact that all participants in the MEWG agreed this initial check should be done free of charge.
A further source of concern is the wording of the new BMA guidelines. Not only are they refusing to participate in the new (and previously agreed) system, they are telling their members to refuse the system by claiming a ‘conscientious objection to gun ownership’, a truly outrageous position with no basis in the BMA’s own employment ethics. The Countryside Alliance have written to the BMA twice requesting clarification and have yet to receive a response. We will be pursuing this further.
The current situation is not working, causing confusion among applicants for firearm and shotgun licences and leaving the BMA isolated from the other members of the MEWG. We will continue to push for a working system that benefits the shooting community and the general public.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Evidence lead decision.

Finally the Defra response to the LAG is made public. It is pleasing to see that evidence, rather than an agenda, resulted in the following statement being issued. This does not however mean shooters can relax, as those that would stop our sport are renowned for not being accepting of anything other than their view. So, for now, this is settled, but be prepared to visit this matter again in the future.

Friday, 8 July 2016

New attacks on gun owners.

The following is an article from our good friends at Fittleworth Rifle Club. I too have had a number friends who have been approached by, or sent a payment request, from one of these organisations. the information supplied by BASC and Shooting news is worthwhile taking the time read.

Just because….

Just because they call you paranoid, it doesn’t mean to say they’re not out to get you! In a little over a month, news has surfaced regarding numerous complaints received from owners regarding Barclay’s bank, and owners doctors. If you have had dealings with either or both, you are not alone. Barclays have been targeting shooting clubs and demanding names, addresses, and certificate details of anything from the secretary too all of the clubs membership. In an effort to achieve this, they have told blatant lies, declaring that the FSA, now renamed the FCA, has it as part of their regulations that clubs must comply with supplying these details.
The other complaint source from owners is in regards to doctors charging fees, after being approached by the police. These spurious charges range, from reports that I have seen, from £20-£100. Owners have been led to believe that if payment is not forthcoming, their certificate will not be either granted or renewed.
So how do you proceed if and when you are confronted by either of these scenarios? Gun owners, as we have said time and time again, are the most law abiding members of society, and therefore do all they can to comply with the law. Unfortunately, there are some that are prepared to exploit this honesty. The following links will take you to some sage advice from a reliable source, on how to proceed, and what you should do when confronted by either of these groups.