Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Scots start their war on Firearms ownership.

Without even getting the go ahead for independence the Scots are already putting their toe in the water in an effort to restrict access to firearms by honest law abiding people. In a previous article "Age limit, NO" I opined that should the Scots get their independence, one of their first undertakings would be to remove all firearms from shooters. In this article by the "Express group", in a first of a set of common sense steps, that would in no doubt end in the removal of firearms as previously discussed, anti-gun activist Kenny MacAskill is asking for a limit to be applied to all owners on the amount of firearms they may possess. In a statement Mr. MacAskill shows his ignorance of the way that the UK licensing system works he says "It concerns me that gun owners can accumulate multiple firearms and that there is no apparent limit". To read the article, follow the link to

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