Tuesday, 30 October 2012

W H Smith update.

With thanks to our friends at B.A.S.C. the following are the email addresses you will need to get in contact with the right people. Email to WHSmith chief executive at kate.swann@whsmith.co.uk to its chairman at walker.boyd@whsmith.co.uk and to its head of customer services atjuliette.cavilla@whsmith.co.uk and let them know that they have lost business, your business. You could write and complain but from past experiences these complaints will be logged and unless a huge amount occur on one day they will only be counted as a daily complaint. Conversely, loss of sales in these difficult times will have a greater impact on those that make the decisions.
So, now you have the right address, scan your receipts from purchases made from other retailers and explain that due to the current restrictions imposed by W. H. Smith, their staff and management you will continue to shop at other outlets. Should the restrictions be lifted you will be more than happy to return to their shop with your trade

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