Friday, 3 October 2014

You’re never too old!

Here is proof, if proof were needed, that age, and all the things that accompany living a long and fruitful life bring, need not be an obstacle when it comes to the shooting sports. Our good friends over at Fittleworth rifle club have scored yet another fantastic achievement.
      Small-bore rifle shooting often gets over looked by the big boys, clay shooting, game shooting, and stalking; and whilst if you shoot with a shotgun, it will not help your shooting one little bit, but, if you hunt with a rifle, it will highlight all the bad habits that you have acquired over the years.
      A relatively new dimension to small-bore target shooting is lightweight sporting rifle, all you need is a rifle and ammo, no other special gear. Any sights are allowed, and you will shoot, un-supported, standing up, over 20yds to the target. I have seen many a good shooter fall down at this discipline through poor trigger control, bad sight picture or head position. But, when they have come to terms with this discipline, they have all noticed less un-attributable misses.
      So, if you think you can do better, why not contact your local rifle club, after all a nonagenarian can do it, how hard can it be?

He's done it again!

Two years later, and just shy of his 90th birthday, the Mounteney Jephson Memorial Rifle Club's oldest member has done it again. During the summer, in the Sussex county lightweight sporting rifle competition, John Gilbertson again emerged triumphant in his division of this growing, highly disciplined and competitive sport. All the members of the club offer their heartfelt congratulations to him on this phenomenal achievement. Click here for previous story. However, this time he was not alone, other members of the club also won their divisions, and those that did not win were, on the whole, placed in the top three in their respective divisions.
         With the start of the winter season now just around the corner, the club has not only got John and the rest of the summer shooters competing, but also new members who have joined the club, but too late to be trained to a sufficient level in order to compete. With the shooters ages spanning 77 years from the youngest to the oldest, and divisions within the competition to accommodate all levels of ability, we are looking forward to more awards at the end of the season.
          As for the prone rifle shooting, we are still able to participate at a club level, and this year we have two junior members shooting in the National Small-bore Rifle association, national counties league, for Sussex. We know they will do their best and do the club and county proud.

With over 112 years of history as a club, and never having been the largest by any means, during those years, we have consistently trained members who have gone on to represent the club, the county and the nation; not bad for small, rural club.

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