Thursday, 6 November 2014

Small victory over ACPO.

In an update to the post "Beware the Jack boot", I'm pleased to report that all of you who took the time to contact your M.P's did make a difference. ACPO will be issuing a statement to all gun owners explaining the new way they will be handling the situation, and the crime stoppers hotline, which apparently never existed, will be scrapped. The hard work undertaken on shooters behalf was completed by the Countryside Alliance and B.A.S.C. the two largest organisations supporting and protecting shooters rights, the few that we have, against such unwarranted attacks.
This does however raise a question, where were the N.R.A. and N.S.R.A while all this was going on? There were no reports, no emails asking members to get involved, nothing on the web site, if you just relied upon them for your information you would be surely lacking and ill-informed. Membership of both these organisations is not cheap, so unless you were thinking of, or actually take part in shooting competitions, you would be better served by joining one of the former organisations, as both have excellent insurance policies which include activities from rambling to shooting included in the subscription price, and also both are very active in protecting shooting in all its forms from spurious attacks like that of ACPO. Perhaps if these organisations had been as well supported in the past, as they are now, maybe pistol shooters would not have been thrown under the bus in an effort by other shooting organisations to pacify those anti-gun organisations, and government, pre 1997.

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