Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Media arrogance!

Why is this man still allowed to work instead of being prosecuted by the law? In yet another show of arrogance by a member of the media, who for some reason fell they are above the law, not only does this writer break a minimum of two laws, but he then has the arrogance to admit his felonious deeds in the newspaper that he works for. Now don’t misunderstand, if there is a problem with society or its laws, then feel free to address those problems, write about them in whatever medium you have available to you. It is beholden upon you to engage with the relevant individuals, group, or authority to have this problem recognised and removed. This does not however entitle you to break the law in pursuit of proving your perceived problem, real or otherwise.

In a similar scenario, David Gregory, another media worker, this time in the United States, illegally obtained a 30 round magazine. In the District of Columbia, also known as Washington D.C., it is illegal to obtain, or possess any magazine that is capable of holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition. Despite this, Gregory openly flouted the law when presented the magazine, in his hand, on his T.V. show. So was Gregory charged and prosecuted to the extent of the law, $1000 fine and 1 years’ imprisonment? No, his friends in high places decided that to prosecute him would not serve public safety or be in the public interest. Funny then how in 2012, 15 other individuals were prosecuted under the same laws.

The full report  of the first writer’s criminal activity in his words, is available HERE!, you may need to scroll down 2 or 3 articles first. In both of these cases, and there are numerous others out there in a similar vein, the media appears to get free rein to break the law. If any other member of society tried to pull these sort of stunts, and were caught, let alone openly defying or publishing their criminal activity in a major paper, I have no doubt they would be prosecuted and made an example of. But it appears that the authorities, perhaps afraid of negative publicity being hurled at them by the very media that breaks the law, seem unwilling to proceed in these or any other case where a member of the media is concerned relating to these issues.

The law is, as they say, the law, and until such time as it is disseminated evenly and fairly, there will be one law for those with power or influence, and another for the rest of us!

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