Tuesday, 19 April 2016

FOI regarding Licensing departments.

The following link will take you to an article written by our friends at the Countryside Alliance CLICK HERE Given the recent position adopted by the current home secretary, preferring to give the police the powers to make the laws regarding all firearms held by the public. This should really give all shooters cause for concern, and encourage them to sign the petition to oppose Clause 81. PETITION HERE.

With many of the forces up and down the country failing to do their job, regarding firearms licensing, efficiently and proficiently; they either issue a section 7 temporary certificate or you have to lodge your firearms, at your expense, with a dealer or other approved person.

Should clause 81 be passed, firearms ownership will be a thing of the past here in the UK within ten years. Why! because the police would be the makers of the law without any interested parties having a say in the matter. The first thing they would remove, would be section 7 certificates, then a renewal process would take a disproportionate amount of time meaning that you would have to lodge your firearms, running up a large bill. This would remove many from the process purely on the grounds of cost. subsequent regulations would be so onerous and draconian that it would be near impossible to comply with them.

With very few exceptions chief constables around the country consider the ownership of firearms by the civilian population as unnecessary, and would be pleased to have the power to enable them to remove them completely. In very basic terms, a police state is one where the police make the laws and enforce them, to their own interpretation.

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