Thursday, 20 April 2017

30,000 self service gun shops open in London

So! who polices the police? The Metropolitan police, in what can only be described as inept cronyism, have released the details of around 30,000 firearms owners. Now, as a firearms owner, should you let your spouse or another family member, or, for that matter anyone know where you keep your keys, you will be in hot water. somehow though, the Met. feel that it is perfectly OK to release the details of 30,000 owners to a private company, with one assumes, very little regard or care, as to who they supply those details to.

If you live in the area controlled by the Met., I strongly recommend that you contact the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, to air your concerns. At present, the Met. are conducting an internal investigation, and BASC are awaiting the outcome of this before making any further comments. However, the security implications of this are considerable.
For more information click the link here to The Register who have run this story.

I have always had a great liking of the Met., they, unlike other police forces, tended not to treat owners of firearms like criminals. Their FEO's where, as a rule, well informed, and helpful. With this in mind, you cannot help feel that this slip, well meant though it may have been, will cast a long shadow. With EU rules making all member states share their information on owners with all other states, just how secure will this information be? if those holding that information are prepared to supply it to a business or group for whatever reason.

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