Friday, 18 January 2008

Are you aware?

Since the begining of this year there have been a number of articles in the local press up and down the country regardring the ownership of shotgun and firearms licences by under 18's. This is all brought to you under the freedom of information act by local jounalists who see a way into the national press. In their biased and un-even (of stories to date) reports these local hacks pull no punches, using all the emotive links they can to past and current tradgedies. They are aided and abetted by the local anti gun groups. Now credit where it's due the last article did have a response from the B.A.S.C who rightly affirms that whilst there is no law against a minor being in possession of a certificate, they must be accopnaied by an adult over the age of 21. They are neither allowed to own or purchase a firearm or ammunition.

Unfortunatley what gets overlooked is the fact that these youngsters and their families have subjected themselves to a police background check, undergone interviews and been assessed on their suitability to be resposible individuals. The family that partakes in any group activity is on balance a more caring family. They are able to communicate with their children, they are aware of where their children are and as far as shooting and the young are concerned they build a bond that lasts a lifetime. The youngsters learn discipline and responsibility, two words frowned on in these modern times, but essential life skills in modern society that seem to be lacking in so many.

So what can I do? Well if you read an article such as these then you shold write to the editor of the paper. Always be polite, identify the area you wish to complain about and stick to the point. You never know you may well see you letter in print. In addition talk to your friends who shoot, ask them if they have read the article, tell them what you have done and encourage them to do the same.

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