Thursday, 17 January 2008

What's it all about?

What is the National Shooters Association? Well, it is a free association where all shooters can convene to learn about other shooters and their likes and dislikes. It is not here to try to poach you from an organisation that you already belong to, but perhaps give you cause for thought about others in the shooting sports in areas that you may not participate. As an example with over 1.5 million shotgun and firearms licences in the U.K why do less than 50,000 signatures appear on petitions to give back pistols to those who shoot or would like to shoot pistol. After all, it is an Olympic sport, part of the Olympic credo is the best sportsmen, and women should compete, not just those that can afford to travel to Europe to participate in competition. And yet when I talk to clay pigeon shooters, as an example, they are either unaware that such a petition exists or they pass it off by saying that they don’t compete or would not be interested in competing in such events should pistol shooting be re-introduced. There are many other instances where this happens. This has to stop. The best example I can think of, of rivalry between similar groups, is the British armed forces. A soldier, airman or seaman in a discussion would never let another unit in their own branch of the armed services get the better of them but when the time comes, no matter what they all pull together, uniting as a single entity to overcome the problem.
As gun owners we have for to long been our own worst enemy. This has played into the hands of those who would deny us the ability to pursue our chosen sport. For this reason, the word “Shooter” has been chosen. Apart from the fact that the N.R.A already exists both here and in the U.S., the U.K. N.R.A has been in the past a blinkered organisation. Nevertheless, it, as with other shooting organisations is looking after its members for better or worse. All we require is that you are by the definition of the law of the land “legal” and we welcome all members of all associations and disciplines. From plinking in the back garden to Olympic trap and skeet, pistol shooting to antique collecting. If you have a gun of any description and are legally allowed to possess it, you are in.
With luck I will post links to all sorts of organisations web sites, these may include some that would see all our sports stopped overnight. We must be aware of the lengths that groups will go to and the propaganda they will use against us. We will endeavour to place items of news and interest about shooting and firearms ownership in all its varied forms.
Let me know if there is anything you would like to know about or if you feel that your particular field of shooting is not being covered, drop me a line. I will do what I can and with your help, we may well be able to help, keep all the shooting sports a live for future generations.

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