Monday, 6 April 2009

Time to get Ready

Within the next 15 months there will be a general election that will be critical to the future of a rural way of life, the countryside and the sports that are undertaken there.

There are many organisations that represent us at all levels and for all different reasons. They can only work on our behalf if we support them. In these most difficult of days not everyone can afford to give money and whilst money is appreciated, why not volunteer to help with a leaflet drop in your area or help out on a stall at a local farmers market.

Whether you are a fisherman, deerstalker, clay shooter, paper target shooter, hunter or small business owner, we are dependant upon being represented in parliament in a fair and equal manner. The up-coming elections are our chances to let those running know that they work for us and we can change our representatives if they do not work in our best interests.

In these times of truly global problems, do not lose sight of the difficulties encountered closer to home and why going to the range to bust clays or your favorite swim to catch a fish is important to you! "Vote Your Sport!”

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