Tuesday, 5 May 2009

A constitution does not guarantee your rights!

There is a country that has a freely elected government which is at present trying to consolidate its position for years to come by removing the right of free speech and encouraging its citizenry to report other citizens to the government if they believe that those concerned are not thinking the “correct” way.
The tactic of neighbourhood spying has worked very well for those that have used it in the past; you know those countries that many of our parents and grand-parents fought against. In more recent years the policy has been made use of on the African continent and some South American countries. In all cases the information was used to remove those who disagreed with the government and their use or misuse of power. This latest attempt to remove dissent from the populous is being perpetrated by the greatest advocate of free speech.
So what would cause you or me to fall foul of the correct thinking police? Well, do you disagree with any of the governments political positions or did you possibly not vote for them. Are you a former member of the armed services or part of service persons family? These guardians and former guardians of freedom are considered very dangerous as they have received specialist training in arms and warfare. Do you have religious beliefs that guide you through your life? Do you believe in personal freedom and your right to protect and defend your family? All of these things and others could mean that your neighbour may get you arrested.
So where is this new dictatorship, none other than the U.S.A.
Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano gave all the above reasons in her now-infamous DHS (Department of Homeland Security) report. Despite many requests from both parties but mainly the Republican Party to apologise and withdraw the report, she has so far refused.
Sens. David Vitter (R-La.) and Mike Johanns (R-Neb.) have introduced a resolution requesting that Janet Napolitano issue a formal apology to the nation’s military personnel and veterans whom the report deems extremist because they are pro-life and/or hold other conservative views. It’s an outrage that those who served this country honourably in Iraq and Afghanistan would be scrutinized by federal officials. All of society should be wary of a federal government that may be monitoring political groups who differ with the president on policy grounds.
It would appear that the supporters of free speech, religious freedom and all the other constitutional, amendment and bill of rights, that many Americans hold dear only apply if you agree with the President and his administration.

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