Friday, 10 July 2009

Olympic venue review.

As you are aware we and many others including the B.A.S.C., C.A., N.R.A., and N.S.R.A. have been working hard lobbying members of Parliament to get the London Organising Committee of the Games and the Olympic Delivery Authority to reconsider Bisley as a possible venue for the 2012 shooting.

It would appear that during the original assessment of Bisley that a potentially less than honest appraisal of the National Shooting Centre had been carried out with intention of making it difficult for the Olympic Board to choose Bisley as shootings preferred venue.

As a result of your letter writing to those organisations given above, politicians, and in particular Lord Corbett, we have arrived at a point where we have wide ranging support for this cause from the Lords.
The result of this pressure and despite efforts by the Olympic authorities to derail the process, Lord Corbett has asked the ODA to attend a presentation of 'The Bisley Bid' in front of members of the Lords and Commons and then to explain the justification for their rejection of Bisley as a venue.

The support of the Lords and MPs shows what can be achieved if we at the grass roots level give up a little of our time and work together. As the saying goes “you’re either pulling the cart or getting a free ride”. I would like to thank you all for “pulling” this far. We can have a rest for a while whilst we await the outcome of the presentation but be prepared, there is away to go yet.

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