Thursday, 16 September 2010

Investigative journalism, not.

Now that the process as started, the mass media has passed its all knowing, all seeing conscience over the the latest stage of the firearms law review.
The item following, 10-year-olds granted shotgun certificates in the Independant, is the first to try to deflect the masses from the issue at hand. Further items in the News and Star MPs debate if gun laws 'fit for purpose' and on the B.B.C Killings in Cumbria and Tyneside spark gun laws review along with this item in the Daily Mail MPs to review gun laws in wake of Cumbria killings and Raoul Moat all talk about the same subject. All appear to, if you only read one story, pass an independant point of view. But in this age of "Cut & Paste" journalsim they do not have an independant point of view or even an original story. The story in all is the same and very nearly word for word. Do not take my word for though click the links. Whichever story you pick first means that you will not have much to read in the others that you have not already read.
So whilst the press is able to mould the thoughts of its many readers, viewers and listeners in its efforts to rid this country of law abiding members sport and hobbie, what are shooters doing? Well, so far it would appear not a lot.
As a gun owner and shooter you are an ambassador for your sport every day, to all the people that you meet that do not shoot and enjoy your sport, and I for one let people know. As individuals we cannot hope to reach out and touch as many people as the mass media, that is why we have associations and organisations. This is a time for all shooters to let their feelings be known so that which ever one they belong too, B.A.S.C, C.A, C.P.S.A, N.R.A, N.S.R.A or others, can marshall an argument on all our behalf.
So if you haven't contacted one of these organisations with your thoughts and ideas you still have time. And Don't forget that " the freedom of the press is only available to those who have a press".

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