Friday, 17 September 2010

Just in case you thought that the B.B.C is not a politically run organisation.

As there has not been a lot to report in the on going review, the B.B.C thought that it would be helpful to rehash old news by combining two stories into one. "Young children "Granted" guns, MP's told they then proceed to associate the legal and lawful pursuit of these youngsters with the implication by association that in years to come these same youngsters will pursue the same path as the others mentioned in the story.But why let the facts get in the way when you are pursuing a pre-determined agenda.

Those youngsters who are possession of either shotgun or firearms certificates will not be found taking drugs, drinking under age and the many other anti-social activites that should concern us all. They will, however, be out in the countryside taking exercise, pursuing their chosen sport and all under the supervision of their parent or guardian. Who by the same token is fully aware of where their child is and what they are doing.

These young members of our society to a one, are responsible, respectful of others, have better than average manners, are polite when in company, willing to be instructed and accepting of criticism when applied. Sure they get frustrated, especially if they miss an easy clay or just miss a possible 100 by scraping the bull ring. But, unlike those in other sports, who may say miss the goal or or hit the ball just over the line, they will not punch a fellow player or become violent, they will control the feeling and use that energy to their addvantage.

So do your bit and help all shooters by submitting your response to the review through one of the many shooting organisations who are there on our behalf.

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