Monday, 28 July 2014

Guns on T.V.

Whilst there are a few days left of the Commonwealth Games, the shooting sports so far have fared poorly in the coverage assigned to them over the period to date, this combined with little or no notice that an event would be televised, has left many looking on the inter-net to watch the stages and finals. This is in marked contrast to many of the other sports being covered which have been shown, then repeated on a number of occasions. You may almost think that the media in control of this event does not want the Nation to see people shooting in an organised, controlled, and positive way.
But just in case there are some people out there who may have watched the skeet, air rifle target, 50metre pistol, prone rifle and 3 position rifle shooting to name but a few, and thought "well that is well organised event with responsible people using years of practice and training to achieve sporting success for their respective country. Perhaps I have been misinformed about shooting and those who participate in the sport." Well just in case there are some people out there who have thought like that, channel4 has an antidote, already receiving more air time in the form of trailers (personal opinion, I was looking for the sports coverage without luck. I was not looking for the trailers but have seen them on a number of occasions.) They are pushing their latest expose on guns and firearms ownership. I have contacted channel 4 for a transcript of the programme along with sources they have used to obtain their information, at this time I have not received a reply from them.
From the information they have placed upon their web site, it would appear to be yet another out pouring of misinformation and anti-(fill in the group) propaganda. A brief synopsis of the programme can be found HERE. I would not be surprised to find contributions to the program from the likes of Michael Moore, Michael Bloomberg, the Brady campaign, and many other anti gun individuals and groups.
We will have to wait until 10p.m on the 31/07/2014, on channel4 to view the programme, but do not expect to see shooting, guns and gun owners portrayed as "normal". I have no doubt from the information currently to hand that this will be yet another snow job, using smoke and mirrors, to make all legitimate shooters appear to be dangerous, and irresponsible. Of course I could be wrong!!

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