Thursday, 31 July 2014

Power is control.

Well there are two things that have me jumping up and down at present, but whilst the subject matter is different, the reason is the same, the people with the power are the ones who decide, or control, what we say or are told.

In the first instance the good old BBC interviewed Olympic champion shooter, Peter Wilson, for their flagship countryside and rural affairs program, Countryfile, and according to him, his views were misrepresented in the final edit which was transmitted. To read his comments take this link to ShootingUK.

In the second instance, the power lay in the hands of those in charge of Facebook. A 19 year old from the U.S.A, Kendall Jones, went with her parents on safari to Africa, and whilst there she shot and killed a number of legally hunted, licensed game animals. Being a member of the technology generation, she wanted to share pictures of her trophies with friends and family. Now, we all know there are a small number of vociferous anti-hunting and shooting individuals around the world. This small but very active group lobbied, (yes that's right lobbied, see my previous article on this subject) Facebook to have the pictures, that they deemed offensive removed by the owners and operators of Facebook, which they duly did, bowing to this pressure.

This same group of self-righteous, anti-hunting individuals set up a Facebook page calling for anything from rape, up to the murder of Kendall Jones, and the members of her family. The response of Kendall and her family has been to contact Facebook and try to get this insidious web page removed. The last information we have pertaining to this story is that the Facebook Management are looking in to it. It would appear that Facebook do not have a problem with individuals or groups inciting possible murder, but do appear to show the same tolerance of a young woman taking part in a legal and licensed hunt.

The upshot is that those who are in control of the press, control what we read, or their own version of what they wish for you and me to read. These same individuals or groups will also set themselves up to be arbiters of what is right or wrong despite what the law s of the land may be.

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